My name is Christos & I'm from Melbourne, Australia

Some of my earliest memories live with computers. Like freeing up space on a massive 8GB hard drive, to install Duke Nukem 3D. Or what it was like to work with DOS and floppy drives.

My passion for technology led right through university, to my career choice. I push to become the best software engineer I can become. It's all about mastering the art of learning.

I do have other interests of course. Such as playing the guitar of which I own 3. I appreciate all types of music, but metal sings to me. I have a green thumb and love growing lots of different veggies no matter the season. I am also into automotive, and enjoy working on my own cars as well as photography... My favorite animal is the elephant, because of how awesome they are. I also enjoy cooking Greek, Asian & Mexican food, you should try my Baklava.

Current Employment

Project Project

Software Engineer Consultant

After starting off as a Front-End Developer, I found a great home at ProjectProject. Working on projects with Societal Impact is a privilege not lent to many. From implementing new Front-End techniques, to improving internal process and working with clients. I had the opportunity to stand in as acting Technical Lead for 6 months. Currently we are on a consulting agreement.

Achievements: Strongest pieces to date. Improved internal process for developers and management. Sharpened management skills, and client facing skills.

Technical: Ruby, Rails, AngularJS

Management: First lead role, engineer team building, working with agility, manager-engineer relations.

Work: ProjectProject Isuzu EdTrin Project Melon Redcross Liptember Save The Children One Night Stand Nexvet Meta Canopies For Kids Sports Without Borders

Think In Pixels


I am a registered sole-trader, freelancing under the business name "Think In Pixels", providing software development services as well as digital marketing consultancy.

Previous Employment


Digital Marketing Specialist

View the website -> See the humans.txt ->

Project Managed the revamp of an old Joomla based website, into a WordPress/Woocommerce website with 500+ sku's. Big emphasis on search engine exposure. Post roll-out development by me.

Achievements: Tripled Original traffic. Notable difference in End User Behaivour. Biggest Commercial Project to date.

Skills: Wordpress Theme Customisation & Plugin Development, PHP, MySQL, SEO & Social Media Management.

Search Engine Experts

Web Engineer & Account Manager

Utilising my large language knowledgebase, performed a lot of technical SEO optimisation across many platforms, drawing on my previous work experience, as well as project managed a number of clients

Achievements: Where I first learnt WordPress. Where I sharpened my SEO skills. Managed ~$20,000AUD per/month worth of clients.

Technical: WordPress, Joomla, .NET, SEO, SEM.

Client-Facing: Face-To-Face Training, Retention & Up-selling. Team-Management, Hiring & Outsourcing.


True Agency

Visit True Agency ->

Contactor cleaning up a backlog of christmas jobs over a 4 week period. Main jobs: Feko Clean Up Our Water Coreplus

Skills: WordPress, WP ACF, Responsive Design From Scratch. PSD to HTML.

Pro-bono and paid work for Elephant based non-for-profit. Skills: Theme customisation, Woocommerce extension, Responsive Ammendments

Bootstrap 2 Responsive Conversion, including lots of feature development.

Skills: Bootstrap, PHP, Html, CSS, SQL, jQuery Plugins

Hack Recovery, Theme admendments as well as other clean up, feature devlopement & maintenence.

Skills: WordPress, PHP, Html, CSS, Management, Data Entry.

Links & All That Jazz.


I know they're above, but find me on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn.

Technical Guff

I'm also on Github, Bitbucket & Stackoverflow

No emails, just tweet me.

Did you like my website? Did you view the source? Have a look at my HAML & SCSS Gists to learn more about how I did it without images... Also, shout-out to Middleman!

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