Christos Hrousis

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Some projects I've worked on.


Year: 2020

Specialty Family Law portal for everyday Australians.

  • Website & "No Code".
  • Wordpress & CRM integration.
  • Website development & technical consultation.
See Tribe Homepage


Year: 2018

Proximity based, interests matching, social network mobile application.

  • iOS & Android Mobile Application
  • React Native w/ Firebase backend.
  • Android App Development.
  • Administration Webapp Development.
See Shoji Homepage


Year: 2017

Keystone client project for Blendmedia.

  • Marketing and Invester Relations Website.
  • PHP w/ proprietry frameworks.
  • Website development.
  • Designed & developed the Blendermedia "Atomic" SCSS system.
  • Final iteration of the Blendermedia "Gulp" based build system.
See Wesdome Homepage


Year: 2016

A platform for cost effective websites, for public corporations.

  • Website & CMS Product.
  • PHP w/ proprietry frameworks.
  • Product Development, Full-stack Development.
  • Developed website & contributed 4 designs.
See Piknic Homepage


Year: 2014

A non-for-profit charity supporting women's health.

  • Peer-to-peer donations platform.
  • Ruby on Rails, Heroku, AWS & Stripe.
  • Full-stack Development, API development, User Access Control.
See Liptember Homepage